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2023, Vol. 3, Issue 1, Part A

Public health legislation during COVID-19 in India: A brief analysis

Author(s): Deepansh Sharma and Shivanshi Kaushik

Abstract: Background and Purpose: The study’s goal is to look into how COVID-19 has affected the nation’s “Public Health Legislation” and “Medical and Legal Framework.” The current research is unique in that it provides a medico-legal perspective on the subject, analyzing in depth how the aforementioned problem disrupted the country in both disciplines and had a negative effect on the economy. A doctrinal methodology has been used in the present research with qualitative analysis and a descriptive research strategy followed by the use of both primary and secondary sources of data collection. Conclusion & Result: This research looks at the influence of the current COVID-19 on all such policies, laws and frameworks, starting with India’s historical journey through the Plague, cholera, malaria, and other similar diseases, and ending with how they led to the creation of a legal framework. While the study’s primary emphasis has been on Public Health Legislation and how it has evolved in response to pandemics, it has also briefly discussed how COVID-19 has affected other areas of law, particularly in the areas where quarantine has temporarily altered duties.

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Deepansh Sharma, Shivanshi Kaushik. Public health legislation during COVID-19 in India: A brief analysis. Int J Law Justice Jurisprudence 2023;3(1):15-18.
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