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2022, Vol. 2, Issue 2, Part A

The land acquisition act in India

Author(s): Paras and Navdeep Kaur

Abstract: The enactment of the Right to Fair and Transparent Compensation in the Land Acquisition Act 2013, Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation Act brought about sweeping changes to India's land acquisition law (LARR Act)., two thousand and thirteen). By increasing compensation for acquired land, making it mandatory to conduct a social impact study, and requiring the prior consent of landowners in specific cases, the law certainly corrects the imbalance. A balance exists between the interest of the land owner and the interest of the government as guardian of the public interest in previous land acquisition proceedings. It has significantly increased transparency in the land acquisition process and given landowners a voice in land acquisition decisions. But the implementation of the law, as originally enacted, can also slow development by slowing the construction of public infrastructure, as well as the process of industrialization and urbanization. This could hinder the provision of affordable housing for the majority of the rural-to-urban population, which is crucial in controlling the rampant spontaneous development taking place across the country. Central Government tried to mitigate some of the negative effects by introducing Amendment Bill but its passage was blocked. However, six states have received President's assent to implement amendments along the lines of the bill introduced in Congress. This article analyses the LARR Act of 2013, looking at its effects. Its impact on development and provides recommendations on future pathways for central and state governments to minimize negative impacts on infrastructure, industrialization and urbanization. While analysing the development of urbanization, the paper also provides an assessment of the possibility of expanding urban settlements throughout the country in the future and the impact of such expansion on the agricultural sector.

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Paras, Navdeep Kaur. The land acquisition act in India. Int J Law Justice Jurisprudence 2022;2(2):21-27.
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International Journal of Law, Justice and Jurisprudence

International Journal of Law, Justice and Jurisprudence
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