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2022, Vol. 2, Issue 2, Part A

Corporate governance: Direct impact of functioning of organization’s on internal complaints’ committees

Author(s): Dr. Surabhi Dhingra

Abstract: This paper looks at the effectiveness of institution of internal grievance mechanism (Internal Complaints’ Committee or ICC) created under the Sexual harassment of Women at Workplace Act (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal), 2013 hereinafter referred to as PoSH Act). As practitioners, the author and the associates (hereinafter referred to as authors) observe that there are some organisations which are clearly well-established and system-driven and compliance is observed to be followed in letter and spirit. Corporate Governance is an integral part of the working of the organization. They ensure the institution of grievance redressal (ICC) has necessary checks and balances to impart justice.The compliance status of some other institutions is more often than not, only on paper and corporate governance is taken lightly. This is a rather large set of organisations where there is an underlying deeper reluctance to even mention compliance in the true spirit. Thus, the weakening of the institution of ICC in such organisations starts ab-initio. Even where the institution is an established one, the institutionalization of fairness and justice in sexual harassment is found lacking.There is yet another variety of institutions where the ICC works in the spirit for gender justice despite the organisation’s lack of interest in general. This, in the experience of the authors, is often individual driven, and the responsibility of the organization being perceived as gender-just rests on the shoulder of one or few individuals.The Government Institutions form another set of organisations that are completely rule driven. The role of the institution of ICC is marred by hierarchies, biases and excessive paperwork. Thus, this study negotiates the prevalence of ICC in the dynamic theory of micro-level institution of ICC within the larger framework of corporate governance.

DOI: 10.22271/2790-0673.2022.v2.i2a.40

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