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2022, Vol. 2, Issue 2, Part A

Great text and context Gada system for conflict resolution, as restorative justice: In case of Siinqee Arsii

Author(s): Obsa Degabasa

Abstract: Gada as a system is great text and context with numerous elements of conflict resolution mechanisms as restorative Justice of modern time. Its greatness surely lies in its astute / smart of containing different types of restorative justice elements of this era, with workable set of normative criteria as RJ and also very liberal way of solving disputes of different level of severity. Within Gada system siinqee is women’s institution of the most important conflict resolutions institution and considered as women’s power. It come in to being in the Oromo culture with the Gada system which has governed the social, cultural, religious, political and economic life of the Oromo people for many centuries. Siinqee as conflict resolution mechanism / restorative justice deals with conflicts of different level of severity that may occur at different levels of human or social relations. Under Gada system siinqee mostly services as a symbol of prevention, management or halting from escalation of conflicts between men or groups of men. That is why under Gada system women’s role in conflict resolution emanates from the symbolic ritual power attached to the siinqee and the ritual importance of women in Oromo society in general and the Arsii Oromo in particular. However, Siinqee quested for its restorative. Having this issue in hand the paper tried to show doctrinally weather Siinqee is fully restorative or not by Restorative lens.

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