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2022, Vol. 2, Issue 1, Part A

Women’s human rights protection in Nigeria: Prospects and challenges

Author(s): Dr. Rosita Ajumbu Tony-Sampson

Abstract: The subjugation of women and violation of their human rights are among the burning issues which have captivated public outcry and condemnation the world over. Injustice to women emanating from discrimination, gender inequality, culture and patriarchy, illiteracy, society, poverty, conflict situations, environmental challenges and so on are dimensions of breach of women’s rights which this paper considers because they constitute challenges in regard to females’ safety and civil liberties. From basically a doctrinal standpoint, this paper appraises the challenges and prospects to females’ rights protection in Nigerian nation. The aim is fundamentally to expose the danger women generally and Nigerian women in particular face in the light of a continually affront to their human rights protection. This paper finds that if the identified challenges can be contained, the human rights protection of women will be viable. It concludes that women’s rights protection enhances peace and development and recommends its sustenance.

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Dr. Rosita Ajumbu Tony-Sampson. Women’s human rights protection in Nigeria: Prospects and challenges. Int J Law Justice Jurisprudence 2022;2(1):31-38.
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