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2023, Vol. 3, Issue 1, Part A

Same-sex marriage in India: Socio-legal aspects

Author(s): Dr. Nirmala Devi and Dr. Supreet Kaur

Abstract: The institution of marriage prevails in every society of the world. It has always been considered to be a union between a man and a woman for the procreation of children. Society is dynamic so are the various institutions prevailing in the society and marriage is not aloof of such paradigm shifts. Before the institution of marriage, there was a system of promiscuity, then with the agrarian reforms there started the concept of group marriages and gradually the monogamy became the practice. With the advancement of the society, various paradigm shifts took place like live-in relationship, sologamy and same-sex marriages. In the present research paper, the researchers have made an attempt to discuss the various dimensions of Same-Sex marriages like its meaning, historical evolution, legal status and its pros and cons and its impact on the society. The researchers have also done empirical study using questionnaire method to know the perspective of the society over same-sex marriages. In the end the researchers have concluded the paper and also given suggestions.

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Dr. Nirmala Devi, Dr. Supreet Kaur. Same-sex marriage in India: Socio-legal aspects. Int J Law Justice Jurisprudence 2023;3(1):24-31.
International Journal of Law, Justice and Jurisprudence

International Journal of Law, Justice and Jurisprudence

International Journal of Law, Justice and Jurisprudence
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