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2022, Vol. 2, Issue 2, Part B

Global justice from the lens of anime

Author(s): Haran C

Abstract: In a more globalised society, the idea of "global justice" is becoming increasingly important. For there to be global justice, there must first be a global state. For there to be a global state, there must first exist global citizens who think globally yet act locally for the common good of sustainable development in a world that is increasingly becoming more interconnected. Unfortunately, the concept of nationalism often prevents the people of a state from acting as global citizens; as a result, attaining global justice may be rather challenging. Nevertheless, it is good that certain things can bridge the gap between diverse populations located in various states, countries, and continents all over the globe. This research paper examines the development of globalisation and its transition into glocalization, as well as how Japanese animation (from now on referred to as "Anime"), typically produced in the United States, has used the concept of glocalization to bring an impact in the world. “Anime” tries to create an odourless culture that is being made in the world. Pertinently, the paper focuses on how anime tries to create an odourless culture that is being created in the world; in the context of these changes, since the "post-globalization age," a new ethical sensibility is being developed as a means of evaluating the economic, social, and moral performances of corporations. As a result, in this day and age of globalisation, there is a feeling of responsibility and accountability created in the corporate world of these corporations as well as within the industry of entertainment since it impacts the public at large.Research methodology: The research carried out for this paper's purpose is considered to be of a secondary nature because the findings of the research paper are based on various documentaries, publications and articles.

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