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2022, Vol. 2, Issue 2, Part B

Arrest: Conceptual study and ITS types

Author(s): Jashanpreet Kaur and Dr. Arpana Bansal

Abstract: The Natural Life or rather the Dignified Life of any Person must be the paramount consideration of the State to protect, nurture and maintain them in an efficient and decent manner which shall further be in accordance with the Principle of Natural Justice, Right to Personal Liberty conferred by Article 21 of Indian Constitution and General Principle of Human Rights. Moreover, though accused might commit crime in a fanciful or a playful manner under different motives, but they also deserve a dignified or a humane life condition within the closed boundaries of our Indian Prison System or Administration. For each Cognizable or Non-Cognizable Offence, an accused tends to be punished within the prescribed penalties under Indian Penal Code, 1860 and the entire procedure of Arrests under the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973.There is the common presumption of Criminal Law that ‘A Person is Innocent until proven Guilty’, where everything the Hon’ble Courts analyses, interprets and checks through different sorts of Evidences, Trial Processes and Circumstantial Evidences for proving or disproving the ‘Guilt of an Accused’. Under this Research Paper, the Author endeavours to highlight about the Concepts, Meaning and Types of Arrests with a broader spectrum.

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Jashanpreet Kaur, Dr. Arpana Bansal. Arrest: Conceptual study and ITS types. Int J Law Justice Jurisprudence 2022;2(2):110-112.
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